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A vivid solution for your house: Moroccan style

A vivid solution for your house: Moroccan styleImage by StockSnap from Pixabay

If you want to try something new in your interior, and you are tired of the classics, Provence and Art Nouveau, then you should stop at Moroccan design. Moroccan style in the interior is popular in many European countries. Its ethnic design attracts with its originality like this country. Created by a mixture of different cultures, this style has come to the liking of designers and decorators around the world because of its unpredictability.

Several national cultures have left their mark on the personal style of Morocco – the quintessence of Arabic, Spanish, Moorish and French culture has turned out. This makes the moroccan décor truly unique.

Usually, several bright colors are used in a design at once, but there is always a limit. Designers use white walls to make some decorative highlights look even brighter. For example, a combination of muted walls and wrought-iron moroccan furniture is considered ideal. Sometimes clay dishes are used as decoration. It is customary to decorate shelves and niches or hang it on walls.

An integral part of the style is the chests, which can be originally painted or decorated with carvings. They can be of any size: from the largest for clothes to tiny chests for jewelry. Vases covered with leather and decorated with copper inserts are often used in the interior. The Moroccan style is not shy about using something types of stucco in the interior.

If we talk about the colors of the Moroccan style, it is somewhat reminiscent of your favorite spices, so choose curry, saffron, and pepper colors for decorations.

Remember, Moroccan style loves textiles! Persian type carpets, bedspreads, embroidered pillows, curtains or even personalized tapestries are suitable. You can even try zoning with fabrics as was done earlier in the countries of the east or screens with iron frames will do.