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Apartment decorating

Apartment decoratingPhoto by Pixabay.com

Bare walls, empty space, clutter, time spent away from your humble abode because it isn’t so humble. Your apartment is in need of assistance. It sounds like it is time for a little bit of redecorating – or possibly decorating for the first time!

Bare walls can be spruced up with a new paint job. Splatter paint is an interesting and contemporary way to make old walls look terrific. By mixing latex and oil based paints of two or three colors together in a sprayer, you can achieve a splatter effect. Another interesting way to add a textured look to your walls is to create a marble effect. Paint the wall a desired color, and while still wet roll a sheet of clear plastic over the paint, pressing it to the wall in various places, and then remove. You have created a marble look where the plastic has pulled off or smeared the paint.

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Empty space can be filled with the purchase of a few simple pieces of furniture and some artwork on the wall. If crafts are something you enjoy, try getting involved in needlework. You will have a beautiful finished piece of art completed by you to hang on the wall. Imagine the compliments you will receive when your friends and family see your work decorating the walls.

Don’t let bare walls, empty space, and clutter keep you away from home anymore. Make your humble abode humble once more!