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Building an Eco Home

Building an Eco HomePhoto by Pixabay.com
If you’re considering building an eco friendly home there are lots of things to consider. You’ll want all the components of your new home to reduce your carbon footprint, save you money and look great.
Here are a few eco friendly products you could use when you are creating your new home:

Plant-based Polyurethane Rigid Foam

This product came from a surfboard maker who was trying to find an eco friendly solution for surfboard material. It can be made from hemp, kelp or bamboo and works really well as surfboard material but can also be used as an insulation material for your house. It has much more efficient insulating properties than regular fibreglass or polystyrene.

Recycled plastic composite and wood lumber

An efficient 50/50 combination of wood and plastic, this building material is costly but worth the extra money if you want eco friendly quality. Much stronger and less harmful than comparable treated products, composite lumber is a high quality building option if you’re looking for extra strength in the building materials you use.

Wood Pellet Boiler

Energy efficient, space efficient and money saving; wood pellet boilers are a must have if you’re deciding how to heat your home. These are a particularly good option for those able to put them in from scratch as it is often the removal of an old fossil fuel reliant system that can push up installation costs.

PVC free Linoleum (Lino)

It is now well known how damaging PVC is to the environment which is why many manufacturers have removed it from the products they make. Lino is an incredibly strong and durable material used to cover the floor. Modern lino is made from mixtures of wood flour, canvas and other renewable materials. You will find a amazing selection of colours, patterns and designs on the market, as well as customized versions if you have the budget.

Recycled paper bricks

Made with compacted paper waste products, these bricks are an incredible alternative to traditional bricks. They look similar to popular red bricks but have the added benefit of being completely eco friendly and recyclable.

Solar Panels

Particularly useful on a south facing property, solar panels are becoming a popular addition to modern buildings. If you are building a property from scratch you have the added benefit of implementing them into a roof design so they don’t stand out as much as versions that are added to older buildings.