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Clean drainage – fewer problems

Image by Grégory ROOSE from Pixabay

Durability of the gutter system does not only depend on professional installation and quality of the materials used. Systematic and correct drain cleaning plays an important role, since debris, dirt and dust accumulating on the roof surface of the house, gradually enter the drain and lead to the formation of plugs.

The main problem of gutters is mud deposits, which are formed by dust and sand carried by the wind. They are difficult to spot in winter as they accumulate in the snow on the roof. Therefore, to unclog drain in spring is very important: cleaning is carried out twice a season. Before the snow begins to melt, ice from the drain, broken branches and leaves brought by the wind are removed. This is done so that the melt water leaves the roof without any problems. Ice cleaning is done manually: first, warm water is supplied so that the ice begins to melt. After that, the pieces are removed from the grooves by hand, after putting on gloves.

The second time, the drain must be checked for the presence of accumulated debris, and the necessary cleaning is carried out after the snow has melted, since its layers contain a lot of sand, branches and debris that get into the drainage channels with melt water. Cleaning is not required during summer, but periodic inspection is necessary. You can find a pile of small branches and building material for bird nests in the gutters. In the fall, the main cause of blockages is strong wind, which brings falling leaves and branches from the trees. Contaminated gutters become a real problem in winter. Even a small amount of them leads to the appearance of ice, which creates a plug for the flowing water. As a result, it accumulates, and during frost it freezes and expands, which is fraught with rupture of drainage pipes and even damage to the roofing.