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Eco Home Adaptations

Eco Home AdaptationsPhoto by Pixabay.com

Adapting your home to be more eco friendly

If you’re looking to improve your property in order to reduce carbon emissions and save yourself some money in the process, you may feel a little overwhelmed by all of the different products available to you.
It is never too late to make eco friendly alterations to your home, and there is currently more choice on the eco market than there ever was, so you can choose exactly the right product for your needs.
Here are a few ways to adapt your home to be more eco friendly:

Biomass Heating

If you can source a good company to provide you with a biomass boiler, you’ll find they give you a realistic idea of upfront costs and maintenance needs during your initial discussions with them. They should also be able to let you know how much you can save using this type of heating based on the type of system you already have. Most properties can benefit from a biomass boiler because fossil fuels are becoming more and more expensive. The government’s renewable heat incentive also means that businesses are entitled to receive money back towards the initial costs of the boiler. Biomass boilers are also a home improvement accepted by the government’s green deal.

Eco friendly cleaning products

Eco friendly cleaning products have a bit of a reputation for being less effective than other stronger, chemical cleaners. Modern formulas of eco friendly cleaner work much better than previous solutions and definately give leading cleaning brands a run for their money. Environmentally friendly washing detergent is especially useful to use within the home because you use less per wash and they usually run on a colder wash which costs you less money on your energy bills.

Buying recycled products or recycling your own

Upcycling is extremely popular at the moment as it’s an easy way to reuse products that would have otherwise contributed to landfill, and make them look beautiful. Think about sanding down and reupholstering an old chair to give it a new lease of life or using old cutlery to make an interesting clock. Being creative with items you would usually throw away means you’ve recycled and created something new and interesting for your home. If you don’t fancy doing it yourself there are plenty of amazing recycled products on the market for you to browse.