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Ideas for Children’s Bedrooms or Playrooms.

It’s time to decorate your child’s bedroom and you want to have them involved in the selection process. You know children enjoy being part of the decision making process and it will certify that the end results will please everyone involved. But how do you go about allowing the kid’s to have hands on involvement in this process? We have a couple of fun ideas that we would like to share with you. So sit back and let the creative side take over.

Here is an idea that was originally suggested in a March 1997 issue of “Decorate With Paint”. This publication is from Country Sampler’s Decorating Ideas! Since kids would probably select an extremely bright color that you may feel is way to loud, this is a way to use their color selection in the decorating scheme.

Ready! Aim! Paint!

In this article it showed a playroom that kids decorated with a squirt gun paint recipe. After painting your final basecoat on the walls, protect floors and baseboards with drop cloths taped into place. Use a funnel to pour brightly colored paints (thinned with water) into the squirt guns. Zap streaks of color on the wall with the squirt guns. A brightly painted background, such as lemon yellow, makes the streaks more prominent. You and your children can decide the main background wall color and the colors to be used in the squirt gun marathon.

The article gave a couple of wonderful squirt gun tips:

1. Thin the paint with water before pouring it into the gun, so the gun does not clog.

2. If the paint still doesn’t come out, use a toothpick or needle to make the hole in the end of the gun slightly larger.

Sponging is another way to decorate walls and involve the kids. Pick 2 paint colors. Paint the surface with the primary base coat color that you selected. It is important to let the paint dry thoroughly before sponging. Dampen the sponge so it is pliable and squeeze out all moisture. Take your contrasting color selection, place a small amount into a paint tray or dish, and dip your sponge into it. Do not overload the sponge. Blot excess on paper towels. Dab patches of color on your wall. The patches of paint should be random and even. Allow some of the base coloring to show through. Dabbing is the key, try not to slide or press the sponge. Changing the position of your sponge when dabbing will allow more character to your decorating. Keep repeating the dabbing until your desired effect is achieved. You don’t have to apply dark colors over a light base. Light tones on a light base or light tones on a dark base will produce a very nice effect.

Tip: Buy plenty of rubber gloves and don’t forget the drop cloths.