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How to create a garden border?

How to create a garden borderImage by Max Vakhtbovych from Pexels

Admiring the beautiful English gardens and parks, their compositions and well-groomedness, we can single out one essential criterion – the “border zones” design – the borders made for plantings and flowerbeds. Well-designed borders, giving accuracy and grooming to the garden, fresh ideas that show an excellent design of the garden.

Border for “business”

The line that is understood as the border can be simply functional or have a decorative function. The difference between them is rather significant. The border that you draw “for business” should limit the areas of application of certain materials, fix their edges with wood, lawn and flowers (using borders for division) and then facilitate the garden care.

flowers-garden bed
Image by k-e-k-u-l-é from Pixabay

In this case, garden borders, tapes and corners made of metal and plastic, are used as limiters. Flexible, non-corrugated, matt, plastic curbs in black and brown color are simple, useful and durable. They let you frame any shape.

Border for beauty

Decorative edging is made to make the garden more well-groomed. Do not forget about actual separation at the soil level, because the problem of delimitation remains. It is rather important that decorative edging, that means all variants of plastic fences and borders, stay stylistically justified and functional.

Decoration of your lawn

Perhaps the most important line in the garden is the lawn edge. A special crescent-shaped flat tool or a sharp shovel are used for getting a clear line of the lawn edge. Every straight line is cut along a board or a stretched rope, curvilinear – along an unfolded hose.

Image by Curtis Adams from Pexels

From the side of the ground, you can form a groove with a depth of four to five centimeters. A strip of land with a slope towards plantings is treated mulched or cleaned. You should double the sowing rates along the edge to make the edges of the lawn more dense.