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How To Disguise Raised Drain Covers In Garden

How To Disguise Raised Drain Covers In Garden Image by knavilio from Pixabay

Raised Drain Covers in UK garden are an element from the unsightly category. Nevertheless, it can be organically integrated into the interior of the garden, disguised, and maybe even turned into an attractive object d’art. Find out below ways, how to disguise raised drain covers.

Find your design option

Find your design option
Photo by Michael Trimble on Unsplash
  • Concrete cover can be pasted with pebbles or overlaid with moss (brought from the nearest forest).
  • A wooden lid is a simple, beautiful, but not the most durable solution. Still, you can place decor on the wooden lid, and turn, for example, your septic tank hatch into a “spiritual corner”!
  • Decorative ready-made covers are not cheap. One of their advantages is an expressive decor, saving time and effort. There are models with humour. Decorative covers are made of fiberglass and have increased impact resistance.
  • Decorative stone and boards will turn the drain cover into a rather attractive antique-style decor.
  • A finished boulder will be expensive, but a hollow stone can be made with your own hands, using a frame, burlap, cement mortar and paint. The space around the stone can be further decorated, especially if the drain cover is placed in a prominent place.
  • Use boxes of artificial grass to hide your raised drain cover.
  • You can decorate the drain cover with the help of stump. The stump can be made with your own hands. Or you can buy a stump made of glass-plastic. It will turn out great, beautiful, but expensive.
  • If funds are extremely limited, cover the edge of the cover with natural material available to you, and install a flowerpot in the centre!
  • The drain cover hatch can be disguised with a creative wooden planter. If you like creativity, choose more classic versions of boxes with planters.

 Interesting fact

 Interesting fact
Photo by Kenshi Kingami on Unsplash

 In Japan, the design of drain covers is brought to the level of art. Every city in Japan has a distinctive print!

 Good luck and creative success to all!