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How to extend service lifetime of the air conditioner?

Photo by ©VadimVasenin / Depositphotos.com

If the air conditioner does not work, or it does not work as usual (for example, it is turned on for cooling, but there is no cooling in the room) – don’t worry. Just follow some simple steps:

First of all, read the instructions for using the air conditioner. Such instructions must be attached to each air conditioner and contain a section “Failure Troubleshooting”. Perhaps the air conditioner is simply not plugged in, the remote control batteries are exhausted, or the air filter is dirty.

Do not attempt to disassemble and repair the air conditioner yourself – otherwise, you will not get warranty to air conditioning repair.

If the consultation did not help, call a specialist. The service staff will repair the air conditioner or take it for air conditioner replacement.

Why do the filters need repair in most cases? The air conditioner works as a vacuum cleaner, and the filters play the role of a dust collector. A normal air conditioner filter should be washed in warm water 2-3 times a month. Air conditioner filters should always be clean: if they are not washed for a long time, the following will occur:

  • indoor radiator cooling will decrease
  • indoor air will be worse to cool
  • the mode of operation of the refrigeration system will be disrupted, which may lead to frosting of copper pipelines. When you turn off the air conditioner, the ice will begin to melt and water will drip from the air conditioner.

Why do you need air conditioning service? Firstly, maintenance is required for the air conditioner to work for a long time and have to be repaired less often.  Secondly, maintaining the air conditioner will help to avoid performance degradation over time. Thirdly, if you do not maintain the air conditioner, and it fails for this reason, it will not be a warranty case.