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How to make a gravel garden?

How to make a gravel garden Image by Ilona Ilyés from Pixabay

Decorative gravel gardens have been created in European parks for a long time. Gardeners used gravel not only to decorate garden paths and flower beds, but also to decorate various recreation areas. And now this material is popular in gardening too.

Creating a gravel garden

Creating a gravel garden
Image by JackieLou DL from Pixabay

The first thing in creating a gravel garden is choosing a site, having decided on which you can proceed with the drainage device. But before doing this, the site must be carefully cleaned. After harvesting, the entire area is treated with a herbicide intended for a gravel garden, then drainage is done and a densely packed base is made. Directly under the gravel, using pre-prepared wire staples, a geotextile litter or film is attached, in which holes are made for subsequent planting. Some gardeners ask “how much gravel do I need for my garden”. It all depends on the covered area. Keep in mind that, the area covered with geotextiles should be somewhat larger than the area of ​​the site on which the gravel garden is arranged.


Image by Cibike from Pixabay

When arranging a gravel garden, do not forget about plants that are traditionally selected according to the parameters of unpretentiousness and decorativeness. Saxifrage, yarrow, wormwood, phlox, feather grass, thyme, bergenia and others will look especially impressive against the path with gravel.


Using the so-called soft coatings (fine gravel, granite screenings, pebbles, dolomite gravel, etc.), you can also decorate the UK garden in an interesting way. Thanks to such “soft” materials, which are very effectively combined with various hard surfaces, you can visually enlarge the space of any, even a very small garden. For example, make a beautiful path in the middle of your garden.

Agree, thanks to such a decorative effect of such a unique material as gravel, there is room for fantasy – you can experiment not only with color, but also with a fraction, create unique patterns and even change the relief of the garden plot. With just a little effort, decorating your garden with decorative gravel, you will make it unusual and original.