Garden Improvements

How to make your garden look nice on a budget?

How to make your garden look nice on a budget Image by Mariakray from Pixabay

Professionals know how to save money when arranging a garden, and now you will know it too. They will help you save a lot and achieve your goal – a beautiful garden with a minimum of costs – cheap and stylish.

Substitution of materials

You don’t have to follow UK stereotypes. Of course, it is accepted, and most often it happens that some object is made of specific materials. For example, what is the roof of the gazebo made of? As a rule, galvanization, metal tile. And you can have your own design, and make, for example, it from cellular polycarbonate.

Sow seeds directly in the garden, not seedlings

Sow seeds directly in the garden
Image by Darkmoon_Art from Pixabay

The savings are obvious: seedlings cost more than a package of seeds. Many choose the “seedling path” because growing indoors (like in a city apartment) offers some benefits and allows the plants to enter the growing season more quickly. However, “direct sowing” seeds in the garden takes less time and saves you energy.

Swap seeds

Follow various agricultural exhibitions, fairs and events in your region. Often their products are sold at discounted prices. Make new acquaintances with like-minded people and exchange not only useful experience, but also seeds. Such an in-kind exchange will save time needed for shopping trips and money.

Repurposing and updating

Repurposing and updating
Image by Erich Röthlisberger from Pixabay

Planting is not a cheap pleasure, but it costs nothing compared to the installation of garden sculptures, arbors, small architectural forms, laying decorative paving stones, etc. These are the main “devourers” of the country budget. An original planter can be made from an old bathtub, garden furniture from pallets. Form decorative lattices from springs from old mattresses. Instead of expensive purchased tiles, use crushed stone, concrete chips, etc. But do not get carried away too much, so as not to turn the yard into a branch of unnecessary trash.