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What Is No Dig Gardening Growing Method?

What Is No Dig Gardening Growing MethodPhoto by Robson Denian Mateus on Unsplash
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Development concerns all spheres of human life, including gardening. There are new technologies of no dig gardening growing method. Vertical gardens are a popular part of landscape design and  types of no dig gardening. The name speaks for itself, the plants are planted not horizontally as is customary, but vertically, which creates an unusual appearance.

A vertical garden is a technology used to grow plants using vertical devices and hydroponics technologies. These structures can be either free-standing or attached to some support.

It is important to understand that vertical gardens can be installed both outdoors and indoors, for example in offices, restaurants or any other institution. This is very common in the UK. Such plants are an excellent substitute for plants grown in pots. And this is confirmed by the following facts.

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    Vertical gardens have many different names, including walls made of moss. Such plant compositions can be the size of a small frame, like a picture frame, or occupy the entire wall or a niche in the wall.

  • Vertical gardens not only become a wonderful decoration of your interior, but also contribute to the natural flow of air into the environment. These gardens can consist of a variety of plants: ferns, creeping ficus, clearweed and calathea, and others. These are the most popular varieties of plants used for vertical green spaces, but you can see for yourself which plants you would like to see in your vertical garden.
  • Even now, in different countries of the world, you can see how vertical gardens are installed on the facades of many buildings. Many outdoor gardens contain moss, vines and other plants that are often used in vertical gardens installed outdoors. Vertical green spaces receive natural green light making them bloom.
  • External green walls also provide natural protection and insulation from temperature changes, ultraviolet radiation and heavy rain to buildings. During the warm season, outdoor vertical gardens use a process called evapotranspiration, which helps cool the air around. Since the conditions may be different, the plants for the exterior walls are selected depending on the conditions and climate, so that it is easier to take care of the greenery.

Try this unique technology of gardening yourself or with the participation of experienced specialists.

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