Garden Improvements

You can create a garden anywhere

You can create a garden anywherePhoto by

Gardening isn’t just meant for the countryside or the rural areas, you can plant and grow a garden anywhere. Listed below are just a few tips on how you can grow your own garden in the city.

Find a container for your plants. The best thing about growing a garden is that you can use plant containers. There are different sized plant containers that can fit in any space. The most important thing is to remember to find a garden that has drainage or a hole in the bottom. Place these containers a few inches above the ground to allow the water to drain through the hole.

Turn your rooftop into a garden. Your rooftop can be converted into a garden that is low maintenance. The advantage of having a rooftop garden is that you won’t have to frequently water your plants as the rain water will instantly get to your plants reducing rain wastage.

Turn your patio or balcony into a garden. Your balcony or patio can be converted into a garden with a little creativity. If you are planning on turning your balcony into a garden make sure that your balcony is able to support all the weight. Limit the size of your garden to fit your balcony or patio. To make use of the small space you can build a trellis or shelves where the plants can grow.

Grow plants in a community garden. Community gardens are vacant lots in the city that can be converted into a garden. This type of garden allows the people in a community to cooperate with each other in growing the garden. It creates a beautiful place in an urban setting. The thing to remember is that you can build a garden in the city whether it be on your rooftop, patio, balcony or even on an empty lot in your neighbourhood.